Stroboscopic nitrogen photocuring machine

The device is equipped with two single-flash tube photopolymerization reaction photocuring

?machine. So it's particularly good for curing ear film/hearing aid. The device can be applied?

to all photocurable materials for photopolymerization, but the material has a wavelength?

between 280-580mm.

Machine weight: 6kg

Power: 250W

Power supply: AC220V / 50 hz

Capacity: 8 ITC or 6 ITE

Strobe frequency: ten strobe per second

Working chamber size: 120*120*50mm

Machine size: 310*310*140mm

Number of bulbs: two bulbs, no 100W

Digital timer: adjustable range 1 to 9,999 strobes

Spectrum range: 280-700mm, with peak values between 400-500mm

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