What about wearing a hearing aid?

2018-10-08 09:27:00

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In daily life a lot of people don't know what need to wear hearing AIDS, because wear hearing AIDS need regular check, check with division according to test results help you introduce appropriate hearing AIDS, in daily life we don't know how to check, but the sound of the sea hearing AIDS to remind you, if appear the following situation, need to professional stores to hearing tests of hearing AIDS, and concrete are the following:

1. Inattention to hearing: some patients with early deafness first feel changes in their hearing and attention. For example, it's not easy to focus on listening to the other person's conversations over time. You often don't notice others greeting you.

2. Loud voice: some people can obviously feel that the sound they hear is not loud enough, so they often put their hands behind their ears to increase the sound they receive. It is often necessary to turn up the volume when watching TV or listening to the radio, which can make family members feel unbearable.

3. Tinnitus vertigo: tinnitus and vertigo are often signs of deafness. In case of vertigo, tinnitus or tinnitus is obviously aggravated, you should consider visiting the doctor in time to check your hearing status.

4. Interrupting or asking the other person to repeat: in face-to-face conversations, early deaf patients frequently interrupt or ask the other person to repeat. Always ask for volume on the phone. And, whenever they speak, their own voices often increase unconsciously. In conversations with other people, even close to each other, they often have difficulty hearing what the other person is saying.

If this is the case, the time has been suggested to select a hearing aid. But in the process of hearing aid matching, some elderly people have the following misconceptions:

Mistake 1: my hearing is ok, now we do not need to wear for diseases, we all know that early detection and early treatment, the selection of hearing AIDS is the same, the earlier the selection of hearing AIDS, to maintain hearing to a relatively good level, hearing better people with good hearing AIDS after the listening effect is relatively better.

Erroneous zone 2: wearing a hearing aid will have dependencies, hearing loss with hearing AIDS for hard of hearing people is equivalent to faster glasses is as important to the person of poor eyesight, it will only help us better to listen to, to help us put the listening to maintain in a relatively good level, on the contrary, use it or lose it, don't wear hearing AIDS, often do not stimulate the auditory system, it will result in hearing loss faster and faster.

Mistake 3: when hearing loss occurs, it is too expensive to rematch the hearing aid. When checking the hearing aid, a professional hearing aid technician will choose a higher-power hearing aid.

Myth 4: a relative has an unused hearing aid that I can use to wear everyone's hearing is different. Hearing AIDS that don't match your hearing will only cause problems, not good listening.

Myth 5: hearing loss occurs in both ears. Wearing a hearing aid with only one ear can lead to hearing loss with only one ear. This will not only affect the listening effect, but also cause the sound to have no sense of direction.