Elderly people wear hearing AIDS and are less likely to develop alzheimer's

2018-10-08 09:19:47

"Why do seniors wear hearing AIDS? "What's so good about wearing hearing AIDS for the elderly?"

Wearing hearing AIDS in old people can improve mental health

Hearing loss in older people and not wearing hearing AIDS can affect mental health. According to scientific research, older people with hearing loss have worse thinking and memory than those with normal hearing. Hearing experts at the sound of the sea point out that hearing loss, the brain receives less stimulation of sound, needs more energy to process sound, so will sacrifice some of the energy used to process memory and thinking, which in the long run leads to the decline of thinking ability and memory in the elderly. Therefore, the elderly in life will have difficulties in communication, communication reduced and other situations. Over time, old people lose interest in social contact, gradually isolate themselves from the outside world, become silent, psychological inferiority.

Elderly people wear hearing AIDS and are less likely to develop alzheimer's

Hearing loss in older adults and not wearing a hearing aid can largely lead to alzheimer's disease. When the human body hears the sound, the brain receives the sound signal to be excited; Without the sound, the mind becomes unexcited, and the brain loses its energy and becomes less responsive to stimuli. Over time, the hearing loss will make the elderly slow to respond, decline in language ability and reduce communication, which will not only affect the quality of life of the elderly, but also cause the elderly to have a series of psychological problems such as isolation, indifference and depression, which may also lead to alzheimer's disease.

Old people wear hearing AIDS to make their hearing better and better

Elderly hearing decline, should be timely wearing hearing AIDS, otherwise hearing will become worse and even lead to deafness. Due to the aging of the body, atrophy of cochlea hair cells, degeneration of hearing center function, etc., the hearing is decreased, even deafness, so many old people are always complaining that they can hear but cannot hear clearly. Wearing a hearing aid, however, is just enough to make up for this, making the sounds clear and loud, and slowing down the aging process of the hearing system. Sound of the sea hearing experts remind the hearing of the elderly and their children, hearing loss should be timely wearing hearing AIDS, to prevent the increasingly poor hearing.

The elderly wear hearing AIDS to mask their deafness

Loud hearing AIDS can suppress the sensation of tinnitus, and if the device is only on one side, the tinnitus may still be on the other side, which can affect comfort and clarity. Therefore, deaf patients with tinnitus or tinnitus should try to match the two ears in order to improve the comfort and intelligibility of listening. In this way, it can not only improve hearing and hearing effect, but also cover deafness.

The elderly wear hearing AIDS to prevent unilateral auditory fatigue

Most older people who use hearing AIDS on one side lack the integration effect, noise reduction and sense of orientation. Often in order to hear or hear certain sounds, the use of an unlimited increase in the volume of the hearing aid. Over time, the auditory nerve in the brain ADAPTS to loud sounds, resulting in increased hearing thresholds. As the binaural wearing can improve the integration effect, noise reduction and directional ability, it will provide relatively high comfort and signal-to-noise ratio to the ear, thus avoiding frequent unilateral increasing of the volume and preventing auditory fatigue.