Hearing aid routine cleaning

2018-10-08 09:18:33

1. Wipe the hearing aid with a soft dry cloth or cotton to remove the dust stains.

Clean the skin behind your ears and reduce sweat and dirt.

Keep your eardrums clean. If there is earwax dirty plug sound hole, sound channel, vent, must clean. Before cleaning, remove the hearing aid from the eardrum, use special tools and brushes to clean the eardrum, and rinse it with clean water and mild cleaning solution. After cleaning, completely dry the mouth, sound channel and vent. Do not clean the eardrum with alcohol, which will accelerate the aging of the sound tube on the eardrum to harden, yellow, cracking, and improve the frequency of replacement.

After removing the battery periodically, dry the hearing aid in a drying box to remove moisture that has seeped in.

5. Handle the switch and potentiometer with care when taking the battery. Avoid contact with poor or noisy sound.

6. The service life can be extended every 3 months by the after-sale store maintenance.