In 1999,????????????????Registered and dedicated to the research of hearing aid technology.

Xiamen Soroya Hearing Technology Co., Ltd.

which was founded in 2014

Located in Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone

Modern and comfortable office environment

Committed to the development, production and sales of high-tech hearing aid products

Including hearing aid parts and hearing aid structure design

Hearing aid mold manufacturing, hearing aid accessories, etc.

Professional production team

Continuous technological innovation

Continuously improve production efficiency

Production and processing of products

Have a complete and scientific quality management system

Specialized mechanical mold manufacturing

Guarantee the accuracy of each tool

Polishing for excellence

New digital production workshop

Strictly control every detail

The workshop has a complete production chain

Internationally rigorous production process

Has many years of experience in hearing aid production

Tens of thousands of hearing aid product update iterations

Strictly control the quality of each accessory

Each mold is under strict production control

to guarantee the accuracy of each accessory

Xiamen Soroya hearing technology Co., Ltd.

has professional processing workshop and

Strict anti-static uniform dress code requirements

Wear an anti-static bracelet to ensure production safety

Specialized production and processing workshop

Strict production and processing requirements

Professional production team

Keep improving every process

Soroya has reached international standards in the integration of various management systems

The product has EU entry permit CE

Goods are freely circulated within the EU member states

Obtained US entry permit FDA

Ensure product sales to cover the Arican market

The production of each component of Soroya is completed

With rigorous testing

Strictly control product quality

Do not miss any flaws

Strength and product quality are recognized by the industry

Strict inspection and testing specifications

Guarantee the quality of each product

With a deep understanding of the hearing aid industry

Soroya has a combination of cutting-edge hearing aid technology and low cost

Accumulated talents in various disciplines of electronics audiology and software science

Develop and produce cost-effective digital hearing aids

Hearing aid products cover the low, medium and high-end full-line market

Economical analog line hearing aid

Customized hearing aids with rich functional diversity

International leading digital chip smart hearing aid

The product has obtained a number of national new patents and invention patents.

Soroya has an international concept

Always standing in the front of the world's hearing aid industry technology and management

Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guide and negotiate business